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Nestled on four private acres in the beautiful Catskill Mountains sits an unassuming building. To an untrained eye it may seem to contain tractor bones or various digging spades. But in actuality, it is filled to the brim with various instruments, analog synthesizers, microphones, and other pro audio gear.


Welcome to Ice On Titan Studio, the proud home of composer/engineer Josh Benash. Here he creates unique and original scores for film, television, and video games. He also tracks, mixes, and produces records for artists seeking a refuge from high-density populations.

For inquiries about available services or to discuss a potential project, contact Josh at:

Ice On Titan Recording Studio

For Booking and pricing contact

Ice On Titan Studio Gear List

iMac 3.6 GHz
Intel Core i9 
128 GB 2667 MHz DDR4

Pro Tools Ultimate HD native

Avid 16/16 io

Barefoot mm27 (2)

Dangerous D-Box
Avantone Mixcubes (2)
ATH M50x (2)

API 3124+ (4)
Symetrix 302 (4)
DBX 286s

Analog Synthesizers:
Arp Odyssey 
Moog Liberation
Moog Rogue
Yamaha CS01
Korg Delta
Korg Micro Preset
Arp Quartet
Farfisa Compact Organ
Vox Organ
Baldwin Fun Machine

Digital Synthesizers:
Casio CZ-1 

Arturia Microfreak 

Software Synthesizers:
Synthmaster 1
Mini Bit

Izotope Iris 2
Full Arturia Bundle 

Guitars and Basses:
MIJ Fender Jazzmaster (1992)
Goya Rangemaster Bass (1968)
Fiama (1965)
Silvertone (1972)
10+ Various 1960's Teiscos
Fretless Teisco Bass (1969)
Martin D-50 Acoustic
Luthier Classical Guitar

Fender Twin Reverb (1973)
Roland Jazz Chorus 120 ( 1979)
Ampeg B-15N (1966)
Ampeg SVTIV Pro
Yamaha G100 212
Homemade amps (2)

Baldwin Hamilton Studio upright
Fender Rhodes
Wurlitzer Electric Piano 
Shoenhut Toy Piano (2)

Yamaha E1010 analog Delay
Delta Lab Effectron jr.
Sansamp RBI
Tapco 4400 Spring reverb
DBX 163x (2)
Valley People Dyna-Mite (2)
Orban Stereo EQ 674A
DBX 1066 (3)

Soyuz 023 Bomblet (1)
Stam Audio SA87 (1)
Royer R-121 (1)
Shure SM7 (1)
Shure sm57 (3)
Beta 52 (1)
Oktava Mk12 (2)
Oktava MK 219 (1)
Beyer M320 (1)
AT 4040 (2)
AT 4044(1)
Shure SM 58 (2)
Sennheiser 421 (1)
WA 87 (1)
Shure Green Bullet (1)
Shure 55s (1)
Realistic PZ-m (2)

Drums and percussion:
1960's gold sparkle Ludwig
1960's Slingerland Floor tom and Snare
1970's Ludwig metal shell snare
50+ sabian and zildjian cymbals 
Assortment of pots and Pans
Misc. Shakers
Misc. Tamborines

(Too many to list, heres some favs.....)
UAE 1176, UAE La2a, Sonnox Oxford Eq, Compression, Reverb, Envolution and Inflator
Soundtoys 5 Bundle
Izotope Ozone 11 Mastering Sweet
Izotope RX8
Valhalla Room
Massey CT5 compressor
Sound Toys Sie-q
Sound Toys Little Plate
IK Multimedia bundle

Orchestral Samples:
Spitfire BBC Orchestra Pro
Spitfire Intimate Strings
8Dio Anthology Strings
8dio Majestica Orchestra 
8dio Requiem choir
8Dio Legacy Steinway Piano
8dio Woodwind Bundle
8dio Brass Bundle
Project Sam True Strike cinematic percussion
Kontakt 6 Library 
Project Sam Vibraphone, Celeste, and Marimba

Notation software:
Sibelius 8

Moogerfooger Ring Modulator 
Strymon Big Sky Reverb
Full Tone OCD distortion
Boss DS-1 Distortion
Boomerand III Phrase Sampler
Electro Harmonix Mel 9
Ibanez AT-201 Auto filter
Boss Octave OC-2
Boss DD-5 Delay
Boss CS-3 Compressor 

Arturia Beatstep Pro
Glockenspiel (2)
Mussi Accordion
Harmony 6 string Lapsteel (1968)
Radial DI box (2)
Radial Reamp box
Kurzweil pc88 synthesizer 88 keys (midi)


Weird Instruments and Zithers:

Hawaiian Tremoloa 
Musical Saw
Jaw Harp
Chromaharp Auto Harp (3)
Homemade 2x4 drone guitar
Homemade metal tree sculpture

Circuit bent speak and spell

Circuit bent Roland Dr. Pad II drum Machine
Circuit bent casio synths (4)

Music Box with player rolls
Random homemade electronic gadgets (10+)


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